House Lifting & Raising in Lakeland

You should address the sloping issue if your house is located at a point where water collides with your foundation and damages it. Raising a house can be a more effective option to protect it from erosion and water damage than grading a yard. Foundation Repair Lakeland uses a variety of established elevation techniques and specialized foundation systems to safely and economically raise homes. Whether a home is elevated based on a revised flood map, or by local ordinance, is a factor that determines whether this process will be effective. For homeowners who wish to raise their home, our Sandy Bracket helical system is a good option.

Our Proven Lifting & Raising Solutions

Because the home is never disconnected from its foundation or moved off of its footprint, Foundation Repair of Lakeland’s method of lifting is much less invasive than traditional lifting. Therefore, the risks associated with traditional lifting are greatly reduced.

Some of the other benefits of our method are:

  • Both homeowners and tenants do not have to vacate their homes weeks before or weeks after they move out. The homeowners have to leave for a few weeks rather than months when local utilities and officials work together.
  • The “Sustainable Solution” consists of not using any new timber resources, but simply recycling existing ones to a higher standard after they have been harvested.
  • Sandy Bracket helical brackets provide secure foundations when they are connected to a grade beam. Due to this, wind-proof homes with concrete foundations are considerably more wind-proof than timber-framed houses.

Flood Protection

If you live in a suburb near water, you either live in a freshwater zone that is prone to flooding, a wetlands, or a property on low ground or along the shore. In many of these cases, the house may need to be moved or elevated away from high-water areas. In the event of a flood, or if you wish to prevent further flooding in the future, we can provide you with help. In addition to mitigating climate change impacts like sea level rise and flooding, house lifting can also help reduce other impacts of climate change.

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